Nero Burning ROM 2014 Portable

Size: 54.2mb - 138mb
Synopsis: I have used just about all there is out there.. from freeware to shareware. In the end.. i always come back to Nero.
How to install: extract to desired location, launch BurningROMPortable.exe
Stealth [?]: Yes
Dependencies: Administrative Privileges
Minimal requirements: Windows XP SP3 or newer, 32/64
Languages: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, PortugueseBR, Russian, SimpChinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, TradChinese, Turkish.
Note: to launch Nero Express, pass -w switch to AdditionalParameters.

* Improved support for UNC/Networked/Shared folders.
* Improved language deployment.
* Found & added additional cleanup locations.
* Improved overall reliability, efficiency, and deployment.

April 13, 2014
* thanks to anonyme: fixed Nero Express's "add" button under Windows XP.


  1. thank you so much, Fuken
    one of the essentials

  2. Ciao Fuken, è possibile avere NeroVideo v12.5.4000 Portable?
    Grazie! CoMario ITALIA..

  3. awesome...thanks!

  4. brilliant work, thanks a lot!!!

  5. " I have used just about all there is out there.. from freeware to shareware. In the end.. i always come back to Nero."

    BurnAware is perfect. Do you used this program in the past?

  6. Hi Fuken,
    This app worked Great IN WIN 7 x64.

    One request will please XBMC media center Portable...It's Open Source..on

    Many Thanks

  7. hi,
    thanks a lot for this site!!!
    I have an error ith nero express when i try to add a file:
    "internal error couldnot open the second advanced file dialog like you didn't register some dlls"

    have you an idea i haven't found solution after fiull search?

    1. 1. can you show me a screenshot?
      2. what files were you trying to add?
      3. which component were you using? (DVD, CD, BluRay, etc?)

    2. 1-its an error window
      2-when i click add button (+green) on nero express
      3-CD/DVD section

    3. thanks man.. i was able to reproduce.. i'll update this sometime today.

    4. hi
      thanks a lot for this update
      I had this problem since version 12
      but how do you succeed to delete this error?

    5. Nero's installer excludes NeroFileDialog.dll in NFD directory if OS is not XP.

    6. I think it's better to fix it by launcher.
      When rem. drive plug into a new computer (Win 7) launcher would remove NeroFileDialog.dll, but when rem. drive plugged into a new computer (Win XP) launcher add NeroFileDialog.dll.
      But I understand your portable is not designed to be run on rem. drive.


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