Adobe Audition CC Portable (Multilingual)

Digital Audio Workstation for Minimalists
Size: 109mb - 249mb (355mb w/DynamicLink)
Synopsis: Adobe Audition CC is a cross-platform audio editor that speeds up production for video, radio, music, games, and more, thanks to uncompromising sound quality and intuitive workflows.
Writes settings to: Registry (handled by launcher)
How to extract: extract to desired location, launch `AuditionCCPortable.exe`.
Stealth [?]: Yes
CRC: 7E70774B
Minimal requirements: Windows 7+, 64-bit.
Dependencies: Administrative Rights, Visual C++ (integrated).
Download: AuditionCCPortable_6.0.0.732_Rev.1.paf.exe | CHANGELOG | SOURCE
Languages: Arabic, English, EnglishGB, French, FrenchCA, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Moroccan, SimpChinese, Spanish, SpanishInternational.


  1. Hi,thank you very much for every portable software you've made.. It's help me very much..
    Would you please make a portable version of Adobe Indesign CC and Xara Design Pro X9?

    1. im not familiar with InDesign, but just from what i've read.. it seems to be very similar to Scribus.

      is Scribus not similar?

  2. Many thanks Fuken for this fine portable

  3. ---------------------------
    Adobe Audition CC
    Your application install seems to be damaged, Please reinstall the application.

    Windows 7 x64. After reinstall i have this same error :(

    1. thanks "Holy Cow",
      if it happens again, let me know.

      Note: reinstall with Rev.1, and delete "Data" directory otherwise the Studio Templates will not work.

  4. Adobe Audition CC Portable (Multilingual)Rev 1 works flawless on my system, previous version didn't work "Your application install seems to be damaged, Please reinstall the application"

    Thanks Fuken

  5. Same here. Works without any problem on Windows 7 and 8 x64.
    Btw. Is there a possibillity to get Adobe Premiere Pro CC Portable?

  6. @ Azure
    Let me know if you're in, check everything works, and let me know if you need anything.

  7. :2 i cant download it! See what happened:

    Please correct the problem 'cause i want download it sooo much :2


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